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  • How to Do-it-myself

    Monday 02 May 2016

    Whenever we feel like we are coming down with the flu or a cold we measure our body temperature, we analyze our symptoms, administer over the counter medication, and eventually pay a visit to the doctor’s office. We can mimic similar little steps for our vehicles as well… How to check tire pressure How to replace wiper blades Checking oil levels Replace air filters 1. How to check tire pressureInflating and maintaining proper tire pressure... read more

  • Cars Of The Future!

    Thursday 19 November 2015

    Just as KITT (KNIGHT RIDER) or the futuristic vision of flying cars in the 5th Element, we have ever wondered when will the visions turn into reality and we will witness the dawn of a new day. Well, merely taking baby steps, Google has brought anew its market niche, the self -driving car (pictured below… With all the everyday rush, social media takeover and the evolution of the electronics, people, the majori... read more

  • Dashboard Warning Lights

    Thursday 03 September 2015

    One of many unexpected nuisances while driving your vehicle is the accompanying dashboard warning lights. They are sensors activated when there is an issue with a component of your vehicle. The lights might range from a simple malfunction to a serious malfunction. In order to save yourself from an expensive repair bill and to be safer on the road, never ignore the lights, have them checked out by a professional. Here are some of the dashboard lights that you might have c... read more


    Thursday 23 July 2015

    During the month of August, which has been nominated for the Brake Safety Awareness month, we should all halt and get our brakes checked, if we haven’t done so till now. A vehicle braking system relies on a combination of hydraulic fluid and mechanical parts that work together to stop forward or backward motion. Brakes are found on all four wheels of today’s cars and trucks. Every time the brakes are applied the system is put under a great deal of pressure. Riding the brakes (kee... read more

  • Should you get your car battery checked?

    Wednesday 20 May 2015

    Car Battery: At one point in our life, we have all heard the following: owning and driving a vehicle involves two main concerns, cost of maintenance and cost on repairs. Aware of the aforementioned “secret”, why do we still avoid facing the reality, cars are bound to malfunction, to break down, to get exhausted and to wear out. Whether it’s the engine, transmission, brakes, water pump or as simple as the batt... read more

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