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Engine Repair in Covina, CA | TL Motors Inc.

Engine Repair: TL Motors can handle any size engine project. But, before you jump into a costly repair there are some things you need to know.

Signs You May Need an Engine Rebuild

There are some frequently seen signs that a rebuild your engine may be necessary. The most common sign is oil consumption and excessive white smoke in the exhaust, especially when the engine is cold. This is normally a sign of worn piston rings. More extreme signs could be metal shavings in the engine oil (a common sign of dangerously worn bearings) and “chattering” or”knocking” from the engine bearings.

Remember that a rebuild can be very expensive and it might not be the right choice for all vehicles. If you think that you might be in the market for a rebuild, you might also want to consider swapping in a lower-mileage engine or an engine that is in better condition as this option could be cheaper.

Let the experts at TL Motors evaluate your engines condition and help you to decide what’s best for you and your car.