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30-60-90K Mile Auto Services in Covina | TL Motors Inc.

The best way to prevent auto repairs is to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle.

As a car gains mileage, various repairs and maintenance issues come up for the driver. Here, at TL Motors, many of these issues can be found through routine maintenance scheduled services. This is the 30/60/90K mile schedule, which manufacturers issue to car owners so that they can preserve the condition of the vehicle, increase its resale value and optimize its performance.

Manufacturers advise service schedules for different mileage intervals, and some sources offer differing or even contradictory opinions, as to when exactly cars should be serviced or if there is even a standard interval at which point all cars should be serviced. But, for the most part, automakers and mechanics widely recommend these services in intervals of 30,000 miles as the most common and important of services. At the intervals of 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles, respective issues need to be addressed. These issues range from fluid and filter changes, to belt changes at later mileages, and an array of repairs that can be found through visual inspections.

Often, past repairs will influence the needs of the car during service. With age and added mileage, different maintenance needs become more common. By 90,000 miles, most vehicles will have had a major service. Of course, services required range from car to car and vary based on numerous factors, but in order to keep your vehicle operating in top condition, a routinely scheduled service is recommended. This ensures vehicle performance, and reliability, as well as the life of your vehicle and your safety. Many of the typical repairs detected at a routine mileage service are minor and easily performed, but if not serviced, further issues could arise.

At TL Motors 30/60/90K services include the following items for maintenance:

  • Oil Change
  • Filter Inspections and Changes
  • Tire rotations, computer spin balance and pressure adjustments
  • Visual inspection of parts and systems- wheels, brakes, lights, belts, hoses, fuel system etc.
  • Spark plugs, belts, timing belts at higher mileage when necessary
  • A vehicle road test

New Car Under-Warranty Maintenance: Some people are surprised to find they have options when it comes to the required maintenance of their new vehicle. According to the law, you can have your regular and required maintenance performed at any qualified shop. This means you don’t have to go back to the dealership for maintenance.