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Drive Shaft and UV Joint Repair in Covina, CA | TL Motors Inc.

UV Joint Repair: What makes driveline important for vehicle?

Driveline mechanisms generally consist of the drive shaft and universal joints. Driveline components are responsible for transmitting power from your engine and delivering torque to your vehicle.

Some of the more common issues are Worn and/or unlubricated universal joints

Some of TL Motor driveline services are:

  • Measuring and refilling the transmission fluid
  • Inspecting the constant velocity (CV) and universal joints for excessive movement orloss of lubricant
  • Checking for noises or vibration during acceleration
  • Any neccasary drive shaft repairs

How do I know when to get my driveline inspected?

If there’s a vibration or rumbling noise when you drive down the road, you may be experiencing a driveline vibration

Squeaking, grinding, clinking, or loud metal-on-metal sounds can mean worn and/or unlubricated universal joints.

Always check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations for the proper care and lubrication intervals.

To ensure your drive line is always top working condition stop into TL Motors for a coplete 62 point inspection.