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Muffler / Exhausts Repair & Service in Covina, CA

Muffler / Exhausts Repair – If you have ever heard an auto engine running without a muffler, the exhaust muffler makes a huge difference. A muffler is a device similar to a silencer used for reducing the amount of noise emitted by your exhaust system. The muffler was designed to reduce exhaust noise by absorbing it. Without it police love issuing tickets for loud noise. From performance exhaust system mufflers, stock muffler kits, racing mufflers, stainless steel TL Motors we have the right muffler for your application.

Catalytic Converter – A catalytic converter is a device used to convert toxic exhaust emission gases from an internal auto combustion engine into non-toxic substances. A key component to helping protect the environment from green house gases. The catalyst inside the converter itself most often consists of a combination of precious metals. You must always be careful of the cheap universal, where in 9 out of 10 cases does not consist of the proper catalyst precious metal content.

Exhaust Resonator – Your vehicle’s engine usually makes a noise while running, this noise can get annoying especially when it is heard for extended periods of time. Hence, mufflers were created to reduce noise generated by your exhaust system. Exhaust resonators, which is like a muffler, further reduce noise levels by making sound waves that cancel out exhaust noises. A resonator works together with your muffler primarily to decrease exhaust noise. Some cars have them, while other cars do not. A resonator can always be added to your exhaust system, if the case is called for.

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