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Power Steering Repair in Covina, CA

Power Steering Repair in Covina, CA | TL Motors Inc.

If your cars steering drags when turning, groaning, whining, and erratic you may need to have your power steering inspected. The modern power steering system operates at extremely high temperatures and over 1,000 PSI of fluid pressure. The system has very small fluid capacity and no filtration. Under these conditions fluid rapidly breaks down and is contaminated with oxidation by-products debris and moisture. The professionals at TL Motors have the tools and experience to trouble shoot these issues to ensure your cars steering will always be intact.

If it’s time to replace your old power steering fluid the TL Motors has a powerful cleaner that dissolves and suspends varnish and gums formed in the power steering system and then all the old fluid and contaminants are flushed from the system with high tech equipment while new high performance fluid is added to the clean power steering system.