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How to Do-it-myself

How to Do-it-myself

Whenever we feel like we are coming down with the flu or a cold we measure our body temperature, we analyze our symptoms, administer over the counter medication, and eventually pay a visit to the doctor’s office. We can mimic similar little steps for our vehicles as well… How to check tire pressure How to replace wiper blades Checking oil levels Replace air filters 1. How to check tire pressureInflating and maintaining proper tire pressure ensures safer, more comfortable driving and better fuel efficiency. In order to be able to check your tire pressure you need to keep two items in your car: tire pressure gauge and wipes for cleaning your hand. Each vehicle comes with a manufacturer recommended tire pressure range. The pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). You can add or release air from the valve stem until your tire’s pressure matches the recommended pressure. Also, check your vehicle’s t ... read more