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All you need to know about Wheel Alignment

All you need to know about Wheel Alignment

  Wheel Alignment   What is Wheel Alignment? It is a maintenance necessary to be performed at regular intervals: once every 20k to 30k miles in order to keep your vehicle running safely and reliably. By aligning your vehicle’s wheels, you are adjusting the main angle of your tires to ensure the car is tracking straight. Proper wheel alignment makes the vehicle steer easily and allows tires to wear evenly. How can I tell that I need wheel alignment? Common to all cars, the vehicle’s steering and suspension get damaged overtime due to some road abuse, such as going over pot holes, hitting the curb or driving over speed bumps. The latter will cause the tires to get nudged out of alignment, which will affect the drivability of the vehicle. If your steering wheel is off center but your car is driving straight or alternatively, if the steering wheel is centered but the car isn’t driving straight then you need to get your wheel ... read more