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Cars Of The Future!

Cars Of The Future!

Just as KITT (KNIGHT RIDER) or the futuristic vision of flying cars in the 5th Element, we have ever wondered when will the visions turn into reality and we will witness the dawn of a new day. Well, merely taking baby steps, Google has brought anew its market niche, the self -driving car (pictured below… With all the everyday rush, social media takeover and the evolution of the electronics, people, the majority, are not paying attention to the road. There are 660k people behind the wheel who are checking their devices instead of watching the road, which leads to them weaving in and out of their lanes, endangering pedestrians and inevitably causing accidents. But after six years of research, Google has pulled back the curtains on its autonomous vehicle research and revealed the Car of the Future. The software is programmed very conservative, mimicking what a new and cautious driver might be like behi ... read more