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Dashboard Warning Lights

Warning Lights | TL Motors

One of many unexpected nuisances while driving your vehicle is the accompanying dashboard warning lights. They are sensors activated when there is an issue with a component of your vehicle. The lights might range from a simple malfunction to a serious malfunction.

In order to save yourself from an expensive repair bill and to be safer on the road, never ignore the lights, have them checked out by a professional.

Here are some of the dashboard lights that you might have come across or could come across, depending on the year and make of vehicle the following lights might be different in design.

Brake Warning Light | TL Motors

Brake system/ Brake fluid warning light:

Please do not take this “lightly”, when the brake light flashes have your vehicle checked by a professional, since the last thing you want is faulty brakes while driving. The light could also mean low brake fluid, a worn or leaking master cylinder, faulty brake booster or worn out brake pads.

Brake Warning Light | TL MotorsBrake Warning Light | TL Motors

Power steering or EPS light:
It means either the power steering fluid level is low or there is fault in the engine management system; inevitably losing directional control of the vehicle, high risk whether your maneuvering through a street or on a freeway.

Brake Warning Light | TL Motors

Coolant warning light:
This light indicated that the engine’s cooling system is low on fluid. The cooling system fluid is composed of antifreeze and water that circulates throughout the engine to regulate the temperature. If the fluid level is low, it could result in overheating and eventually, a breakdown.

Brake Warning Light | TL Motors

Engine warning light:
The check engine light could be activated do to numerous factors, ranging from minor to major malfunctions. With this light flashing, you need to have a professional diagnose and decode the issue. The top reasons for the light activation could be: the oxygen sensors need replacing, spark plugs or the catalytic converter need replacing, or the gas cap loose, or damaged.

Brake Warning Light | TL Motors

Oil warning light:
The oil is the main lubricant of dozens of metallic parts in the engine, it also helps disperse heat that the engine generates in order to prevent the parts from getting damaged by the heat. When you see the oil light on, you are either losing or burning oil. It could even be a worn or broken oil pump. When this light flashes, please do not delay.

the tire pressure warning light:
No hidden agenda here, the tire’s air pressure is low. the tire might be inflated naturally or due to a nail or screw puncture, in that case adding air to the tire will be a temporary resolution.

There are various other warning lights not displayed in this article, however note to the driver: a regular maintenance of the vehicle can help prevent your vehicle from firing off a fault.

Don’t delay, take action!