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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights

One of many unexpected nuisances while driving your vehicle is the accompanying dashboard warning lights. They are sensors activated when there is an issue with a component of your vehicle. The lights might range from a simple malfunction to a serious malfunction. In order to save yourself from an expensive repair bill and to be safer on the road, never ignore the lights, have them checked out by a professional. Here are some of the dashboard lights that you might have come across or could come across, depending on the year and make of vehicle the following lights might be different in design. Brake system/ Brake fluid warning light: Please do not take this “lightly”, when the brake light flashes have your vehicle checked by a professional, since the last thing you want is faulty brakes while driving. The light could also mean low brake fluid, a worn or leaking master cylinder, faulty brake booster or worn out brake pads. Power ste ... read more